The Do’s & Don’ts of Tanning

While fake tanning comes without the clear risks of traditional tanning, it does have some of its own.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of self-tans turning orange, going streaky or rubbing off, but how do you ensure your experience doesn’t end up in the same unwanted manner?

Thankfully we’re rounded up a list of what you should and shouldn’t be doing to achieve the golden glow of your dreams!



If you’re going to do one thing before you tan, exfoliate! Exfoliating 24 hours before you tan removes any dead skin cells that you naturally shed and that your tan can be prone to stick to. Exfoliating also helps remove any remaining traces of an old tan for a fresh start. Remember to shave at this point too!


If you’re trying a self-tan for the first time or have tried tanning before and given up, just be patient. You might not get the hang of it your first or second go, but practice really does make perfect. Find a technique that works for you and then stick to it.

Use a tanning mitt

If you’re rubbing at your skin to blend your tan in, then you’re likely causing streaks. Tan applicator mitts help glide the tan over your body more easily, making your tan look more even. And they protect your hands from staining with excess colour – bonus!

Leave it on longer

Don’t be afraid to leave your tan on for longer than the bottle suggests. Keeping your tan on longer won’t permanently stain your skin, but it will turn your tan darker. Who’s complaining?


Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Moisturising with an oil-free product after your tan has developed, will help your tan last as long as it can. Try a gradual tanner to keep up the colour whilst hydrating skin at the same time.

Tan your face

Use the excess product left on your mitt to give your face a light natural colour. A spray is also a good option for an even and easy application.


Be afraid

Don’t be afraid to try self-tan for the first time. If you’ve never self-tanned before, pick a gradual tanner that will give you a subtle glow over a number of days and is as easy to apply as a moisturiser.

Moisturise right before

While moisturising dry spots such as elbows, knees and knuckles lightly ensures your tan doesn’t stick to these areas, applying heavy lotions can interfere with the development of your tan and cause streaks you don’t want.

Layer it on

Your skin can only absorb a certain amount of product and adding on extra won’t really make a difference to the overall colour. A few light layers or 1-2 good layers is about all you should really be using. If you want the darkest tan you can get, then opt for the darkest shade you can find in that range. We recommend our Super Dark Mousse!

Now you’re ready to take on the self-tan world. Go ahead and show your glow!

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