Tan Maintenance

Tan Maintenance: Your perfect tan is waiting

You’ve followed all the right steps – exfoliated the day before your tan, used a mitt to apply your favourite product and moisturised daily – but why is your tan not lasting as long as you want?

Before you give up fake tanning all together, you might want to reconsider the steps you’re taking to keep up the tan you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Tan maintenance, is often heavily overlooked. What you do from here on forward determines the outcome of your tan into the next week and beyond. We’ve put together our top tips to ensure it’s the best tan you’ve EVER had!

Water wise

Good tan maintenance begins with your first shower, which should be kept as simple as possible. In this time, you shouldn’t be using any soaps or scrubs on your skin, just your hand and warm water to lightly rinse the bronzer off. Remember to pat skin dry, not scrub, to avoid rubbing off your tan before you’ve even had a chance to show your glow.

Maximum moisturising

Dry skin is the biggest culprit of an uneven and premature tan, so you need to make sure your skin is kept hydrated on the inside and out. In addition to drinking plenty of water daily, applying non-oil based moisturiser straight after you shower will lock in moisture and provide a protective barrier for your skin. Skip the moisturiser on your first shower to allow your tan the chance to fully develop for the next 8 hours and add it in from the second shower onward.

Fashion disaster avoided

Your clothing choice the day following your tan is a tan maintenance tip you may not have thought of. It’s best to keep your outfit choice to a looser fitting style that won’t stick to your body and rub against your tan. Our favourite picks are a flowing dress or light cotton pants.

Pesky products

Some products are known to cause your tan to fade faster than desired, so you should be avoiding oil and alcohol based products such as perfumes, soaps and face washes as much as possible. While this means you may have to give up a few of your favourite products for the duration of your tan, it will so be worth it for a perfect tan that lasts longer than it ever has.

Your new best friend

Bring your fading tan back to its glowing glory with a tan specific product. While a moisturiser is good, a product with a built in bronzer is even better. Try switching your moisturiser for a gradual tanner such as the Selfie Glow Gradual Tanner, which is designed to keep up the colour of you tan for its duration. For an added bronze in an instant, follow the Gradual Tanner with the Continuous Sunless Spray for a flawless airbrushed look.

Viola that’s it! Easier to follow than you thought right? What tan maintenance tips do you swear by?

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