How to have a tan every day of the year

You know that feeling straight after you wash your spray tan off and you look in the mirror and are amazed at the golden goddess that you are? Just imagine if you could have that moment every day of the year! Well, you can.

If you haven’t heard, gradual tanners are a lotion formulated with moisturiser and tan to give you a gorgeous just-came-back-from-a-tropical-holiday tan that looks natural and glowing. A good skincare routine includes daily moisturising, so you’re multitasking by using one that’s already a tanner! If you only use the product every other day, you will still have a gorgeous tan, you just need to mix up the application frequency to suit shade.

Why gradual tanners are a girl’s best friends

The best thing about our Gradual Tanner is that they’re gradual! (Duh!) This product is build-able, letting you tell sneaky white lies about how you get your sun tan, because you won’t shock your co-workers with your pale to bronze transformation overnight. You can apply the tan when you want to deepen the colour adding a light shade increase with each application. When you’re happy with the shade, just continue applying as required.

Tips to the perfect gradual tan

Prepare! It’s so important no matter what kind of tanning product you’re using that you prepare the skin first. This means creating a good canvas before you apply the product, so shave (or wax) and exfoliate to ensure you get a perfect patch free tan. When you exfoliate, you remove all the dead skin cells that are going to stop the tan from absorbing, hello silky skin!

Between application days, be sure to continue your moisturising regime to maintain the tan you’ve built up.

Work in sections; apply your tanner by body part to make sure you don’t miss any parts or double up accidentally.

Wear old pyjamas to bed to make sure you don’t discolour any favourites

Use a tanning mitt, such as the Selfie tan mitts to make sure you’re palm of your hands are tan-free, and it also helps to apply the tan super fast and easily buffs into the skin

Our Selfie Gradual Tanner is the key to an all year long, streak-free, natural looking tan. Full of rich ingredients such as vitamin A & E, Green tea, and Kola for strengthening and hydrating the skin. Gradual tanner builds a tan up day by day, giving you more control over your colour and making it easy to maintain your tan, if you haven’t tried it yet, you won’t regret it!

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