How to pick a tan for your skin tone

Knowing your skin tone is going to help you look flawless in many areas of your appearance, like colour combinations in clothing and shades that suit you in your makeup choices. Same goes for tanning, knowing what skin tone you have will help you look your best when wearing fake tan.

Skin tone can be broken down into two main components surface colour and undertones. Surface colour is the shade of the surface layer of your skin, which can be generalised to the amount of pigment your skin has in a few main categories fair, light, medium and dark. The undertones we mentioned are really important for picking colour combinations in many beauty products, but not too relevant for tanning products as we’re interested in the depth of colour rather than tones. We are going to concentrate on picking the right tanning product for your surface colour!


Let’s take a step back here and think about which shade of tan is beneficial for you, rather than which product. Very fair skin might be overwhelmed with a mousse or spray product as they add instant colour. Gradual tanner is an amazing alternative for adding smaller amounts of pigment to the skin, giving you complete control over the intensity.


Light skin tones can get amazing results using all tanning products, the key here is to experiment with the developing times. With Selfie Bronzing Mousse a light skin tone should develop for approximately 1 hour to get a noticeable tan, 2 hours to increase the intensity. We don’t recommend a longer developing time as you will be, as suggested on the packaging super dark!


You lucky medium skin tones have free range over all our tanning products, you can test out the Gradual Tanner, Bronzing Mousse and the Sunless Spray and pick your developing times to suit your preferences.


You are most likely already deep into a gorgeous tan territory, but, if you might want help evening out your skin tone or adding a glow. The Selfie Bronzing Mousse will be your bestie, 2 hours will even out your skin tone, cover imperfections and add that glow.

All the tanning products are going to help you get a sunkissed look, even out imperfections and skin tone. Just remember the golden rules, prep your skin first by exfoliating, shake the product, and apply one section or body part at a time. You’ll get the perfect tan, every time.

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