Why Choose Cruelty Free

Without getting into the harsh details that are involved in chemical testing on animals, we will run you through some of the main reasons why you need to be choosing cruelty free. The reality is that bunnies, mice, guinea pigs and pups are used to test out new products and chemicals to make sure they’re safe for people to use.

It’s simply unnecessary

Thanks to technology and science we can nearly colonise Mars, surely there’s a way to determine the safety of cosmetics without animals? Well there is. Forward thinking scientists have developed cosmetics testing methods that rely on computers or using human tissue in a laboratory.

Your skin deserves better

The biggest organ in your body is your skin, and is a soft tissue that can absorb the majority of products applied to the surface. This means, if you are using harmful products, these will end up inside your system if applied to the skin. Products that are tested on animals are usually tested to see what quantities are acceptable to use before they become harmful. These products can be harmful to your skin and eyes! No thank you. We prefer the types of ingredients in our products that don’t require testing because they’re not harmful in the first place. There’s no study in the world that says cruelty free products are less effective or lower quality than their animal testing counterpart… the choice seems simple.

What it means to be cruelty free

Being cruelty free means you are using your power as a consumer to encourage more brands to become cruelty free! Some companies are experts at hiding the fact that they’re not cruelty free, such as having one cruelty free product within a whole range of products and then promoting the fact that it’s cruelty free.

Choose cruelty free wherever possible, so we can start building a more compassionate future for our furry friends.



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