How to Tan Your Back

Believe it or not this is a popular forum topic across the web, babes around the globe just can’t seem to tan their back!

We all know the problem, it’s quick and easy to tan your legs, bum, tummy and chest… and then you’re left with a perfect circle in the middle of your back that is simply unreachable by the human hand. The struggle is real. But let’s be honest we still all try every single time just in case we can suddenly reach that far.

Full coverage is a must when getting the perfect tan! Obviously, the clear solution is to ask someone (roomie/bf/bestie…mum?) to lend a quick hand to tan your back, but what other options are there?

Continuous Sunless Spray

Our method of choice is going to be a spray tanning product; perfect for that pesky back area! Our Continuous Sunless Spray gives a 360’ spray, meaning your back will be flawless in no time. You might get a little crazy with the direction you spray when you’re doing your back, so make sure you’re in a large area to avoid giving your bathroom wall a bit of a bronze.

Lets get crafty

When researching this topic, we found methods like cling wrap, wooden spoons? No no. We have a better solution.

You can get a little inventive with a few simple items you already have at home. The perfect way to MacGyver your way to a flawless back tan is… A back loofa and our Selfie Tanning Mitts. Place the mitt over the brush end of the loofa, and you’ve got yourself a DIY back tanning device. Even beauty guru Desi Perkins got creative on her snapchat (pictured below), showing her DIY hairbrush-tanning mitt combo when struggling to reach her back. Although, we wouldn’t recommend that one, stick with the loofa!


Tip– if the mitt slips a little too much a hair tie around the loofa will fasten it in snug. This method works perfectly with our mousse, lotion and gradual tanning products – give it a go!

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