How to Apply a Tan in Under Three Minutes

Do you wish there was a product exactly like getting a professional spray tan at the salon? Enter Selfie Continuous Sunless Spray. This product is designed to give you an airbrushed, quick to apply, streak free tan. After applying you’ll get an instant tanned glow that needs as little as two hours to develop into a gorgeous sun-kissed glow.

Preparation is key

Every good tan starts with beautifully exfoliated skin. Make sure you exfoliate prior to tanning so your tan doesn’t stick to dead skin that might come off and leave you looking a little patchy. There’s no way to convince anyone your tan is real with patches of untanned skin telling the truth, so exfoliate like never before.

Start the clock

Okay, so you want to tan in under three minutes? No problem. Now that you’re a perfectly exfoliated canvas this is going to be a breeze.

The application itself is easy thanks to the 360-degree nozzle, meaning you won’t get a streak line thanks to a direct spray of the product. Hold the can about 30cm away from your skin, applying in sections to ensure you don’t miss any areas. Holding the can at this height will make sure cleaning up is easy because you won’t have wasted product by spraying further away from your body. This will ensure your tan is evenly distributed on your skin and flawless from start to finish.

If you’re after a deep tan, simply apply a second coat. Avoid adding layers to areas like the feet, knees, elbows and armpits as these can be tricky areas where you naturally crease and are prone to dryness, so a light coat is all you need.

The key with a spray product is not to make a mess! If only you had a waterproof box you could tan inside so you don’t risk getting any overspray on your bathroom…. Something like a shower perhaps. Keep the shower and bathroom door open to keep it properly ventilated, and once you’re done simply wash any overspray down the drain. If your bathroom is a little stuffy a safer alternative is jumping outside in a bikini to apply your tan.


  • Use a tanning mitt, like our Selfie Applicator Mitt to dab lightly on any areas that mightneed a little blending.
  • Wash your hands straight after! This will get any excess tan off and then respray yourhands lightly to ensure they match your body.

Now that you’ve finished tanning, simply wait ten minutes and put on some loose clothes to wear around the house. In just a few short hours you can wash it off and be left with a bronzed glow that will be the equivalent of sitting on a beach in Maui all day.

Developing Times

Depending on how dark you want your tan, adjusting the developing times will give you the results you desire:

  • 2 hours: Medium tan
  • 3 hours: Dark tan
  • 4 hours: Super dark tan

Happy tanning, babes!

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