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How to Apply a Tan in Under Three Minutes

Do you wish there was a product exactly like getting a professional spray tan at the salon? Enter Selfie Continuous Sunless Spray. This product is designed to give you an airbrushed, quick to apply, streak free tan. After applying you’ll get an instant tanned glow that needs as little as two hours to develop into […]

Why Choose Cruelty Free

Without getting into the harsh details that are involved in chemical testing on animals, we will run you through some of the main reasons why you need to be choosing cruelty free. The reality is that bunnies, mice, guinea pigs and pups are used to test out new products and chemicals to make sure they’re […]

How to Tan Your Back

Believe it or not this is a popular forum topic across the web, babes around the globe just can’t seem to tan their back! We all know the problem, it’s quick and easy to tan your legs, bum, tummy and chest… and then you’re left with a perfect circle in the middle of your back […]